CSC 360 
Programming Assignment #2
Spring 2015
Due Date: 1/30/2015

1. Use a hash in a Perl program that will decode Morse code. Your program should read strings that represent valid Morse code (one Morse code string per line) until the user enters end-of-file and then print out the translated plain text message. Use an '!' to separate words. Thus the Morse code for “CSC 360” would be entered by the user as:

<EOF> (either ctrl-z or ctrl-d)

You can find Morse code at, but you don't have to implement all of it. Letters and digits are sufficient.

2. Modify the program for Problem 1 above so that it reads (using the diamond operator) from one or more files whose names are entered on the command line. If no file names are given, your program should read from standard input.