CSC 345 -- Data Structures

Fall 2014

Course Syllabus (PDF)

Download Java 8 JDK from Oracle here. 
Java SE 7 JDK, Java API Documentation,  and NetBeans Cobundles also available there.

Java 8 API Documentation

Big Java Supplemental Web Site

Textbook PDF

Download jGRASP here.

Download NetBeans (without bundled JDK) here.

Programming Assignment #1   Due September 3, 2014   My Solutions

Programming Assignment #2   Due September 15, 2014   My Solutions

Programming Assignment #3    Due September 22, 2014    MySolutions
    Sieve of Eratosthenes Code using an array of booleans

Programming Assignment #4   Due September 29, 2014   My Solutions
Code from section 16.1:

Mid-Semester Exam Topics (From class on October1)

Lecture Slides from Dr. Pilgrim about Graphs

Chapter 30 (PDF) 
    Source Code:

Programming Assignment #5    Due October 29, 2014   My Solutions

Dr. Pilgrim's "Snakes in a Box"  Assignment

Programming Assignment #6   Due November 7, 2014   My Solution    snakes.txt (adjacency matrix)

Chapter 31 (PDF)
    Source Code:   WeightedEdge.Java

Programming Assignment #7   Due November 14, 2014   My Solutions

Hamiltonian Path and Knight's Tour Materials
    Note: This zip file contains modified versions of and

Travelling Salesman Problem Materials
    Note:  This zip file contains modified versions of,, and

Programming Assignment #8   Due November 24, 2014   My Solutions
    Sample input file:   points.txt   Correct output file:   points.out.txt

Grades as of November 14, 2014

Grades as of November 17, 2014

Programming Assignment #9   Due December 5, 2014   My Solutions

Topics Covered since Mid-Semester Exam

Grades as of December 3, 2014

Grades as of December 5, 2014

Sample Exam Questions

Grades as of December 11, 2014  (Before Final Exam)

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