CSC 345
Final Exam Topics
Fall 2014

Topics and Chapters covered since Mid-Semester Exam:

Chapter 18 (Horstmann) -- Generic Classes

Chapter 19 (Horstmann) -- Streams and Binary Input/Output

Graphs   (See Dr.Pilgrim's slides)

Chapter 30 (Liang) -- Graphs and Applications

Chapter 31 (Liang) -- Weighted Graphs and Applications

Hamiltonian Paths and Knight's Tour

Travelling Salesman Problem

Plotting Points in the X-Y Plane

Programming Assignments since Mid-Semester:

Lab 5 -- Exercises 30.1, 30.5, 30.10 from Chapter 30 in Liang

Lab 6 -- Determine all distinct paths in a graph from one vertex to another

Lab 7 -- Exercises 31.9 and 31.11 from Chapter 31 in Liang

Lab 8 -- Read a set of points from a file and reorder them using the "Nearest Neighbor" method

Lab 9 -- Choice of one out of two of ACM Programming Contest Problems