CSC 325 -- Advanced Object Oriented Programming

Fall 2014

Course Syllabus (PDF)

Download Java 8 JDK from Oracle here. 
Java SE 7 JDK, Java API Documentation,  and NetBeans Cobundles also available there.

Java 8 API Documentation

Big Java Supplemental Web Site

Textbook PDF

Download jGRASP here.

Download NetBeans (without bundled JDK) here.

Programming Assignment #1   Due September 4, 2014   MySolutions

Chapters and code from the "other" book:  
Chapter 14   Ch14 Code   Chapter 15   Ch15 Code   Chapter 25   Ch25 Code   Appendix I   App I Code

Programming Assignment #2    Due September 16, 2014   My Solutions
    Sample Menu Programs

Resources at   The Java Tutorials    Java Quick Start Tutorial    Developing General Java Applications    Introduction to GUI Building   Designing a Swing GUI    NetBeans YouTube Channel

Programming Assignment #3    Due September 23, 2014   My Solution    NetBeans Project

Chapter 20: Multithreading    Chapter 20 Code    Chapter  & Code from the "other" book   Chapter 26   Ch26 Code
    Multithreading and Parallel Programming (from last year's text):   Chapter 32    Ch32 Code
    Code from class on 9/23:

Chapter 21:  Internet Networking   Chapter 21 Code   
    Networking Chapter from "other" book:  
Chapter 27   Ch27 Code    Bonus Chapter   Bonus Chapter Code
    Networking Chapter from last year's text:   Chapter  33    Ch33  Code

Programming Assignment #4   Due October 9, 2014   My Solution
    Textbook  Code:

Chapter 22:  Relational Databases    Chapter 22 Code
   Database Chapter from last year's text book:   Chapter 34    Chapter 34 Code
    Database Chapter from the "other" book:        Chapter 28     Chapter 28 Code
Grades as of November 16, 2014  (Only includes Java Portion)    

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Grades as of November 18, 2014

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