Handout 18: The French-Speaking World (Francophony)
a- Project  (oral presentation, see Course guidelines).
Choose o
ne French speaking country

Check topic on :"Discovering France" on http://www.diplomatie.gouv.fr/en/

  • What is the FRANCOPHONY ?
  • What countries are part of it?
  • Institutional System of Francophony
  • French in different continents.
  • The  Institutional System of the Francophony in France: French in the World: different continents
     I. French culture in Europe:
    Natural expansion of French...early conquests, wars and the result of the whims of history.
    Belgium (1830 independence; Wallonia, French-speaking south),
    Switzerland (1/4th speaks French),
    Luxembourg (also speaks a dialect of German),
    Monaco (2km x 3km tiny kingdom).
     e.g. BELGIUM:
    French-speaking writers/philosophers: Belgian writers: Georges Simenon, Amelie Nothomb, Marguerite Yourcenar (1st woman writer entering the Academie fr.)
    Belgian surrealist painter: Magritte
    Belgian singers J Brel ; Andre Bialek, Maurane.
    stars  J.J Vandamme(B),
    dancers: Frederic Flament, Rosas
    Inventors: e.g Adolphe Sax (saxophone)
    Films: e.g.  Rosetta / La Promesse (Bros. Dardenne); Man bites Dog (B. Poelvorde)

    II. French culture outside of Europe DOM-TOM

  • III. French culture in North America: Quebec, New England, Acadia and Louisiana
    Francophone sites IV.  French culture Arabic  North Africa:Marocco, Algeria, Tunisia (Le Maghreb, people referred to as Maghrebins)
    French-speaking writers : e.g Tahar Ben Jelloun (Morocco). Amin Maalouf
    Music: Algerian  Group 1,2,3 Soleil.

     V. French culture in east and central Africa:
    Cameroun, Mali, Senegal, Gabon, Mauritanie, Togo, Benin, Burkina Faso,Centrafrican Republic, Niger, Zaire/ Congo, Rwanda-Burundi, Tchad, Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) ,Gambia,  Guinea
    French-speaking writers : Senegal former President  Leopold Sedar Senghor : French poet;
    Singers-musicians of French expression.: Mali: Amadou Ba; Oumou Sangare;
    Senegal: Youssou n'Dour; Baaba Mal
    Zaire/Congo: Papa Wemba; Zap Mama.
    Film: Chocolat (Cameroun)

     VI.  French culture in Asia

    Some articles of interest LABEL FRANCE n 30: A Tour of Asia's French-speaking countries/ French culture in Asia

    1. Define the concept of "Francophonie" ? How many countries have signed the Francophony Charter?
    2.  What is a DOM?  Give one example  of DOM:

    3. What is a TOM?   Give one example of TOM:

    4. Cite 5  French -speaking countries in  their continents
    a . Europe/b. Africa/c. America/d. Asia/e.  Pacific

    5 Cite two outstanding personalities of the French-speaking world with their area of activity

    6. Is Congo(Zaire) an ex-French or Belgian former colony?

    7. What is referred to as Le Maghreb?

    8. Switzerland: cite one fact about this country.

    9. Select 5  French-speaking countries from the exhibits that interested you &  give 3 facts  for each.

            One  historical/ One regarding the French influence in their cultures/ One about their native cultures.   

    10. Jacques Brel was a famous French-speaking Belgian singer/poet.  Should be listed as French writers/artist, or should he be referred to as Belgian?  Give your reasons. 

    9.  Louisiana has retained the Napoleonic Code of Law, within the US legal system.. Do you think that  Louisiana (Cajun country) should continue teaching Cajun French in schools ? Give your reasons. 

    10. Quebec has a "language police": French signs only.  All English info MUST be translated and French comes first.  Shop keepers get fined if they do not respect this law. This seems like a radical measure. Do you understand  this? Explain.

    NOTE: in French www.francophonie.org

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