Graduate Students (Post-graduate status):

Philip Day, M.S. in progress

Use of BrandenBark structures for monitoring bats in western Kentucky.

Macy Kailing, M.S. in progress

Indirect effects of white-nose syndrome on the bat community at Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area.

Katelyn Schaefer, M.S. in progress

Bat species occurrence and habitat use at Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area, KY after white-nose syndrome detection.

Leah Good, M.S. in progress

Assessment of the implementation of flipped-classrooms in a non-majors biology course.

Santiago Martin Ocampo, M.S., 2015

Bat demographic trends before and after the occurrence of white-nose syndrome in Kentucky.

Nicholas Cash, M.S. , 2014 (Environmental Scientist, KY Division of Water)

Occurrence of mammalian prey and scavengers on a potential re-introduction site for Nicrophorus americanus (Coleoptera: Silphidae; American Burying Beetle) at Land-Between-the-Lakes National Recreation Area

Mohammed El Adwadly, M. S., 2008 (High School Biology Teacher)

A cross-national comparison of highschool biology textbooks: content, instruction, and assessment of genetics and molecular biology in Egypt and the United States.

Travis Brown, M. S., 2006 (Environmental Consultant)
Effects of stream channelization and dechannelization on mammalian species and habitat in riparian corridors. 

Amie Lehman, M.S., 2004 (Wildlife Biologist, Fort Campbell, KY).

Nesting success, intraspecific brood parasitism, predation, blood parasites and stress levels of wood ducks (Aix sponsa) in clustered and unclustered nest boxes.  (Wildlife Biologist, Fort Campbell, TN)

Kelly Somerlot, M.S., 2003. Landscape patterns of terrestrial vertebrate species richness in Kentucky: Factors influencing future planning.

Cynthia Hornung, M.S., 2001 Effects of season and lactation on gut size and rate of glucose uptake in free-living white-footed mice (Peromyscus leucopus).

Marilyn Knight, M.S., 2001 (Wildlife Biologist) Diet analysis of re-introduced red wolves (Canis rufus) in northeastern North Carolina.  (Wildlife Technician, North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission)

Brian Moyer, M.S., 1997 (Wildlife Biologist) Diversity, and spatial, temporal, and diet characteristics of bat species in a southern deciduous forest: TVA's Land-Between-The-Lakes.  (Environmental Biologist, Kentucky Department of Transportation)

James Armstrong, M.S., 1997 (U.S. Forest Service, KY) Nest-site selection and leaf-nest composition of gray squirrels (Sciurus carolinensis) in an area of isolated woods and in continuous woods in western Kentucky.  (Forest Ranger, KY Forest Service)
Evin Stanford, M.S., 1997 (Wildlife Biologist, NC) Impacts of dam construction, predictors of density, and nesting domains: a study of bald eagles in western Kentucky.  (Deer Biologist, North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission)
Edward Bruce Noakes, M.S., 1996 (Dental Scool, University of Louisville, KY) Thyroid function in the pine vole (Microtus pinetorum) during cold-exposure.  (School of Dentistry, University of Louisville)

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