Necturus Skull Definitions/Descriptions
2. Mandible- formed from the splanchnocranium and composed mostly of the large dentary bone; articulates with the upper jaw by Meckel’s cartilage
a. Hypohyal- small anterior portion of the hyoid arch, which supports the tongue
b. Certatohyal- larger lateral portion of the hyoid arch
c. First basibranchial- lies medially and extends posteriorly from the hypohyals to the base of the first branchial arch
d. First ceratobranchial- paired elements that split off of the first basibranchial
e. First epibranchial- continues posteriorly off of first ceratobranchial
f. Second basibranchial- extends posteriorly from the left and right first ceratobranchial
g. Second epibranchial- lies laterally to the first epibranchial
h. Third epibranchial – innermost element, lateral to the second epibranchial