Common Name:Bobcat
Scientific Name:Lynx rufus
Phylum:Chordata (Vertebrata)
General Description:
The Bobcat is a medium sized cat ranging from 13-30 pounds, standing 21 inches tall, with a length of 30-50 inches long. Bobcats get their name from their short, bobbed, black and white tail.The fur color of the cats range from gray to red. Bobcats are found in a variety of forests, coastal swamps, scrublands, and desert in said habitats ranging across Canada, the United States and Mexico.
Social System and Reproducton:
Bobcats are exclusive. The territories of males and females, and even males and males, might partially overalp, but female territories do not overlap.Males and females come together during the mating season, which is from December to April.
Hunting and Diet:
Bobcats are carnivorous feeders, whose prey primarily consists of rabbit, but will eat birds, rodents, beaver, bats, and deer. They are also considered scavengers when necessary.
Conservation Status:
The chief threat to Bobcats today is habitat loss. In the past few decades, Bobcat pelts have dropped in market value, as have the number of trappers who pursue them. The continously growing human population puts pressure on the remaining habitat left suitable for the Bobcat.