Upper Gastrointestinal Tract of the Dogfish Shark
1.  Liver
2.  Pyloric Portion of the Stomach
3.  Pancreas
4.  Vulvular Intestines
5.  Spleen
6.  Lesser Curvature of the Stomach
7.  Greater Curvature of the Stomach
8.  Body of the Stomach
9.  Cardiac Curvature of the Stomach
10.  Esophagus
11.  Duodenum

    The stomach is the long, j-shaped extension of the esophagus. The short upper portion of the stomach is referred to as the cardiac portion. The body is the longest portion of the stomach, which separates the cardiac and pyloric portions. The greater and lesser curvatures of the stomach are major landmarks. The first passageway for food in the small intestines is the duodenum. Food then moves into a passage with spiral valves called a valvular intestine. The liver and pancreas are two accessory organs of the digestive system that dump its contents into the duodenum. The spleen is primarily made up of lymphoid tissue and is not considered a digestive organ.