House Mouse


Our most familiar mouse, about 5"-8" long.  It has a slightly elongated snout, small, black eyes that are somewhat protruding, large, scantily haired ears, and a  nearly naed tail with scaly rings.  Color is grayish brown with scattered black hairs, grading to lighter coloration on the belly.  Can distinguish from the Deer and White-footed mice because they tend to have larger ears, more protruding eyes, more hair on the tail, plus the color shift is more distinct between the back and belly and the top and bottom of the tail.  House mice are found throughout North America, and as the name implies typically live in or around human habitation.  They are nocturnal and like Norway rats will consume most anything, but prefer grain and vegetable products.  Again, this introduced species is a pest that is second only in importance to the Norway rat.