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Edward Thome

Faculty Hall, 6C-09


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This page was last updated on 7/25/2014.

Research Interests

Electronic preprint and journal links. Preprints AMS Preprints Journals AMS Journals by subject classification. Preprints AMS Publications .



I am on reduced teaching schedule, as chair of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. This coming Fall 2014 I am teaching Foundations of Analysis for students in the MAT (Master of Arts in Teaching) program.

Teaching Links

The Mathematics Forum at Drexel University provides resources for teachers and learners of all levels.

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics' BlackBoard portal has announcements and resources of interest to our majors, minors, and faculty. If you have a major or an area in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics and do not see this portal among your courses in Blackboard, please let me know and I'll have you added to its roll list. [After selecting this link, enter Mathematics and Statistics in the search field, and our Blackboard portal will be shown. If you get an error, try back later.]

During the summer of 1996, I was involved in CETMIM , a teaching with technology workshop for middle and secondary school teachers. Materials developed for and during the workshop are available at the CETMIM web page, which also contains a page of links to sites of interest to those involved in mathematics (and to some degree, science) education .

Graphing Calc. TeX Links

TeXShop is a wonderful engine for TeX on the Macintosh. The newest version of TeX for the Macintosh (essentially Unix) TeX-Live 2010 . A nice Macintosh TeX and LaTeX page keeps track of the latest TeX information. The official OzTeX homepage has the latest version of OzTeX (TeX to .dvi and TeX to .ps), and OzTtH (TeX to .html (somewhat limited)). Of course, access to TeX for Windows, Linux, (Macintosh), and other platforms is always available from TUG .

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