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Edward Thome

Faculty Hall, 6C-09


Email <>

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Research Interests

Electronic preprint and journal links. Preprints AMS Preprints Journals AMS Journals by subject classification. Preprints AMS Publications .



This Fall I will be teaching our new MAT 110 Problem Solving in Mathematics, while working on the writing of a text for the course.

Career Pages

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics has extensive career pages to help illustrate the variety of careers which benefti from a strong background in Mathematics.

Graphing Calc. TeX Links

TeXShop is a wonderful engine for TeX on the Macintosh. The newest version of TeX for the Macintosh (essentially Unix) TeX-Live 2015 . A nice Macintosh TeX and LaTeX page keeps track of the latest TeX information. Of course, access to TeX for Windows, Linux, (Macintosh), and other platforms is always available from TUG .

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