Dr. David W. Roach

Associate Professor

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Murray State University




Courses Taught

Mat 117-Mathematical Concepts    Mat140-College Algebra   

Mat145-Trigonometry                       Mat150-Precalculus

Mat220-Business Calculus

Mat250-Calculus I                             Mat308-Calculus II

Mat411-Differential Equations        

Mat442-Intro Numerical Analysis    Mat542-Numerical Analysis   


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Approximation Theory, Splines, Wavelet Analysis


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Research Presentations

•  March 2010 Talk-13th International Conference on Approximation Theory , San Antonio , TX .

•  October 2008 Talk-Applied Mathematics and Approximation Theory 2008, Memphis , TN.

•  November 2007 Talk-AMS sectional meeting, special session on wavelets, MTSU, Murfreesboro , TN.

•  November 2007 Seminar talk- The University of Georgia, Athens , GA.

•  March 2007 Talk- 12th International Conference on Approximation Theory , San Antonio , TX .

•  May 2005 Talk-The Application of Splines and Wavelets, Athens , GA.

•  Oct 2004 Talk-AMS South-Eastern Sectional Meeting, Nashville , TN.

•  Mar 2004 Talk-KYMAA state-wide meeting, Murray , KY.

•  May 2003 Talk – International Conference on Advances in Constructive Approximation, Nashville , TN.

•  April 2003 Talk – SPIE Aerosense: Aerospace/Defense Sensing, Simulation, and Controls, Kissimee , FL.

•  March 2003 Talk - Kentucky MAA Annual Meeting, Bellarmine University , Louisville , KY.

•  April 2002 Talk - Kentucky MAA Annual Meeting, Georgetown College , Georgetown , KY.

•  March 2002 Talk - 10 th S. E. Approximation Theory Conference, UGA, Athens , GA.

•  Oct 2001 Invited Talk - Western Kentucky Math Symposium, WKU, Bowling Green , KY.

•  Jul 2001 Invited Talk - SPIE's 46th Annual Meeting, San Diego , CA .

•  Mar 2001 Talk - 10th International Conference on Approximation Theory, UMSL, St. Louis , MO.

  May 2000 Talk - Trends in Approximation Theory an International Symposium, Nashville , TN.

•  Sept 1999 Poster - Image Processing Multiresolution Analysis and Statistics, Georgia Tech, Atlanta, GA.

•  July 1999 Invited Talk – SPIE’s 45 th Annual Meeting, Denver, CO.

•  April 1998 Talk – University of New Mexico Colloquium, Albuquerque , NM .

•  April 1998 Poster – International Wavelet Conference Tangier 98, Tangier, Morocco .

•  Jan 1998 Talk – Ninth International Conference on Approximation Theory, Nashville , TN.

•  May 1997 Talk – Sandia National Laboratories Colloquium, Albuquerque , NM .

•  April 1997 Talk – Ninth Southeastern Approximation Theory Conference, Athens GA.

•  March 1997 Talk – Multiwavelet Conference, Sam Houston State University , Huntsville , TX .

•  Jan 1997 Talk – Special Session of the AMS/MAA Joint Meeting, San Diego , CA .