Some of my favorite R resources for current and future UserRs, along with other resources for statistics educators and everyone interested in reproducible research.

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My Materials for Using R and R Commander (dated)

  1. An Introdcution to the R Commander. A set of beamer slides for my BIO/MAT 460 class.

  2. Using R & R Commander in Biomathematics Research A set of beamer slides for a BioMAPS workshop.

  3. An Introduction to R for Biomathematics An old PowerPoint for a BioMAPS workshop.

  1. Workshop on Reproducible Research My workshop on Reproducible Research, presented to the BioMaPS students and others. Mostly cool stuff I've learned from others about R, RStudio, R Markdown, and RR @ UseR! 2012 and USCOTS 2013.

My Favorite Links

Getting Started

  1. CRAN The Comprehensive R Archive Network

  2. RStudio Your IDE for using R!

  3. Beginner Tips Some tips for R beginners from the Revolution Analytics blog, including some of Roger Peng's Coursera videos.

  4. R-bloggers Assortment of blog articles on statistics using R.

  5. Quick-R Good resources if you are used to SAS or SPSS.

  6. R-related Conferences Info on the useR! conferences, including the one I attended (2012) at Vanderbilt University. It was just after Bonnaroo, a large outdoor conference in Manchester,TN (with camping!) on the musical and comedic arts I attended in 2011 & 2012.

  7. Venables Materials from Bill Venables' short course at the 8th UseR! Conference (as a big .zip file)

  8. RcmdrJohn Fox's R Commander, a GUI for R.

  9. Mailing Lists The various R mailing lists.

  10. Stack Overflow Questions and tags on R from Stack Overflow

  11. UCLA Wonderful R resources from UCLA.

  12. Paradis Emmanuel Paradis' R for Beginners.

  13. Byrnes Jarrett Byrnes' Quick and Dirty Intro to R.

  14. icebreakeR Andrew Robinson's icebreakeR

  15. Arnholt Alan Arnholt's Statistics with R.

  16. Arnholt Alan Arnholt's R Scripts for his classes.

  17. North Texas R Introduction Course from U. of North Texas.

  18. Larson-Hall Jennifer Larson-Hall's guide to R.

  19. Shizuka Dai Shizuka's R Resources.

  20. RTips Paul E. Johnson's RTips.

  21. Rodriguez German Rodriguez's Introducing R.

  22. Zoonekynd Vincent Zoonekynd's Statistics with R.

  23. Burns Patrick Burns' The R Inferno.

  24. Ogle Derek Ogle's stuff.

  25. White/Robinson Homer White and Rebekah Robinson's material from Georgetown College, including the tigerstats package.

  26. Black Kelly Black's R Tutorial

  27. Shalizi Cosma Shalizi's Advanced Data Analysis from an Elementary Point of View

  28. Cook John Cook's R Programming for Programmers.

  29. Stodden Victoria Stodden's page about reproducible research.

  30. Zhou R tutorials from Mai Zhou, including beginners' guides in both English and Chinese. I will not vouch for the quality of the Chinese tutorial.

  31. Barry An R tutorial from Adnan Barry in Arabic. I will not vouch for the quality of the Arabic tutorial.

  32. Poker The holdem package by Frederic Paik Schoenberg. Maybe I'll use it and talk about it at BARGE, a “conference” on applied probability (i.e. poker, other gambling, drinking) held in Las Vegas, NV every year.

Statistics Education

  1. CAUSE Consortium for the Advancement of Undergraduate Statistics Education

  2. USCOTS United States Conference on Teaching Statistics, including the one I attended (2013) in Cary, NC

  3. eCOTS Electronic Conference on Teaching Statistics, including the one I attended (2012) from both my office and from my patio overlooking Kentucky Lake

  4. Project MOSAIC Project MOSAIC is a community of educators working to develop a new way to introduce mathematics, statistics, computation and modeling to students in colleges and universities.

  5. JSE Journal of Statistics Education.

  6. RossmanChance Those cool applets from Allen Rossman and Beth Chance.

  7. (Lock)5 StatKey and more from the Locks, the first family of statistics education. Yes, it's mom & dad and their 3 kids.

  8. Apiolaza Luis Apiolaza's Thoughts on Teaching Statistics with R.

Statistical Graphics

  1. Rosling/Gapmineder Hans Rosling's Gapminder project. Cool Motion Charts!!! YOu can do them to with the help of R package googleVis.

  2. Harrell Frank Harrell's manual on statistical graphics.

  3. Friendly Michael Friendly's page on data visualization.

  4. Wickham Hadley Wickham's page on ggplot2 and more.

  5. Saccilotto Ramon Saccilotto's tutorial for ggplot2.

  6. Xie Yihui Xie's page on animation, formatR, knitr, RMarkdown, and more.

  7. Gesmann Markus Gesmann's blog on googleVis and more.

  8. Vaidyanathan Ramnath Vaidyanathan's repository with slidify and more.

  9. Sarkar Deepayan Sarkar's Introduction to R and lattice.

  10. Murrell Paul Murrell's tutorial on lattice

  11. xkcd There's now an xkcd package to make those cartoon-style graphics within ggplot2

Statistical Ecology

  1. Bolker Ben Bolker's Ecological Models and Data with R.

  2. Stevens Hank Stevens' A Primer of Ecology with R.

  3. Oksanen A tutorial for Jari Oksanen's vegan package for community ecology.

  4. Jost The vegetarian alternative based on Lou Jost's measures of diversity.

  5. Fridley Jason Fridley's Notes for Plant Ecology/Modeling in R.

  6. JSS A special volume of the Journal of Statistical Software on Ecology and Ecological Modelling.

  7. Montana State Montana State's R Labs for Vegetation Ecologists.

  8. NCEAS R Programming Resource Center from the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis.

ANOVA, Repeated Measures and Mixed Models

  1. Revelle R and Analysis of Variance, from William Revelle at Northwestern University.

  2. Gribble R and Repeated Measures ANOVA, from the Paul Gribble Lab at Western University (Ontario, Canada)

  3. Bates Douglas Bates' book and slides on mixed models with lme4.

  4. Bates on p-values lmer, p-values, and all that, straight from Douglas Bates regarding p-values and mixed models.

  5. Moore Christopher Moore's p.values.lmer function to compute those pesty p-values for fixed effects in linear mixed models.

  6. Gelman Andrew Gelman's Bayesian version of mixed models analysis.

  7. Fox John Fox's Appendix on Linear Mixed Models.

  8. Bliese Paul Bliese's Notes on Multilevel Modeling.

  9. Drager Katie Drager's Novice Guide to Mixed Effects Models.

  10. SS are hard Why the &%#* aren't the SS the same in R as they are in SAS???

  11. Sums of Squares More on Type I/II/III Sums of Squares.

  12. More Sums of Squares A R-help thread on Type I/II/III Sums of Squares.

Categorical Data Analysis

  1. Thompson Laura Thompson's Guide to Alan Agresti's book on categorical data analysis.

Survival Analysis

  1. Sarkar Deepayan Sarkar's Survival Analysis with R.

  2. Crawley Michael Crawley's Survival Analysis with R.

  3. Zhou Mai Zhou's Survival Analysis and Simulation with R.

  4. Martinussen Torben Martinussen's Survival Analysis notes.

  5. Cook Alex Cook's Survival Analysis notes.

  6. Rodriguez German Rodriguez's Survival Analysis notes.

  7. GAMLSS The home of all things GAMLSS (Generalized Additive Models for Location, Scale, and Shape).

Spatial Statistics

  1. Zhukov Yuri Zhukov's Applied Spatial Statistics in R.

  2. Baddeley Adrian Baddeley's open source software & course notes for Spatial Statistics.

  3. Maindonald John Maindonald on Spatial Statistics in R.

  4. GeogR U. of Oregon's Geographic Data Analysis Using R, or GeogR.

  5. Rowlingson Barry Rowlingson's page.

  6. Davenport Notes from Frank Davenport's class.

Bayesian Statistics

  1. Gelman Andrew Gelman's page on his various efforts with R, including Stan, bmle and arm.

  2. Carlin Brad Carlin's page on using BRugs to run OpenBUGS.

  3. OpenBUGS OpenBUGS, open-source version of WinBUGS for Bayesian inference Using Gibbs Sampling

  4. Stan Bayesian inference with the No-U-turn Sampler.

  5. Lu Ying Lu's workshop on Introduction to R for Bayesian Statistics

  6. Kruschke John Kruschke's tutorials, course materials, and book.

  7. Suess Dr. (Eric) Suess's page on Probability Simulation and Gibbs Sampling with R.

  8. Suess2 Nice, if a bit old, intro article by Suess and colleagues.

  9. Suess3 Page with articles and R Scripts from one of his classes.

  10. Xi'an Christian Robert's blog.

Time Series

  1. Pitt Time Series Tutorial from Pitt.

  2. Goettingen Time Series tutorial from Goettingen University.

  3. North Texas Time Series Tutorial from U. of North Texas with a BP stock price before and after the oil spill data set.


  1. R Wisdom Collected R Wisdom, including a funny rant about SAS.

  2. Cook Apparently Computer Scientists Don't Like R as Much as Statisticians Do (John Cook's talk from the 2012 Lang.Next conference).

  3. Morandat A paper by Floreal Morandat, et al. from ECOOP 2012. They don't like R either.

  4. De Mars The R blogosphere responds to AnnMaria De Mars. She said R is an epic fail'. If it is, an awful lot of us are wasting our time and effort.