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Dr. Claire A. Fuller
Associate Professor



B.A. 1982, UC San Diego
M.S. 1988, Oregon State University
Ph.D 1995, OSU
Tel.: 270-809-5497
email: claire.fuller@murraystate.edu


For Summer Anatomy Students, 2007


My research focuses on the population biology and behavioral ecology of animals, in particular of termites and dragonflies. I am especially interested in the effects of parasites and immunity on host ecology. Please visit my research pages for more details and photos.

Termite research
Dragonfly research (with Dr. Howard Whiteman)

Earthwatch SCAP program


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Fuller, C.A. and A.R. Blaustein. 1990. An investigation of sibling recognition in a solitary sciurid, Townsend's chipmunk, Tamias townsendii. Behaviour 112: 36-52.


MS Students

        Shawna Harris, Factors affecting immunity in dragonfly nymphs.

        Erin McDermott, Immunity in dragonfly nymphs: species and pond differences. MA, Oct. 2004.

        Punidan D. Jeyasingh, Effect of Resource Limitation and Predation on the Density of Nasutitermes acajutlae (Isoptera: Termitidae) Colonies on St. John, US Virgin Islands. MS, January 2003.

        Leslie W. Harris, Should I Stay or Should I go? Dispersal in the Termite, Nasutitermes acajutlae. Co-advisor with Dr. Elizabeth Walsh. University of Texas, El Paso. MS, June 2002.


Recent Undergraduate Students

        Anthony Graves, Does exposure to light affect immunity in larval waxworms?

        Courtney Thomason, effects of abiotic environment on termites

        Chad Ward, immunity in dragon fly nymphs.

        Andrew West, fluctuating asymmetry in dragon fly nymphs

Courses at MSU
General Biology (BIO 101), Biological Inquiry and Analysis (Bio 116), General Zoology (BI 221), Human Anatomy (BI 228), Ecology of Host Parasite Interactions (BI 556), Animal Behavior (BI 538)

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