Dr. Bommanna Loganathan

Dr. Bommanna G. Loganathan
Professor of Environmental/Analytical Chemistry

Department of Chemistry and Watershed Studies Institute
1201 Jesse D. Jones Hall
Murray State University
Murray, KY 42071, USA.
Telephone: (270)-809--3044

Honors and Awards

2017 Elsevier Journal- Environment International. Reviewer Recognition.  Amsterdam, Netherlands.
2017 MSU Elizabeth College Faculty Fellow
2016 Elsevier Journal -Chemosphere: Reviewer Recognition.  Amsterdam, Netherlands.
2016 MSU Racer Proud Pin Recipient.
2016 MSU Presidential Research Fellow
2015 The American Chemical Society Class of 2015 ACS Fellows
2015 Outreach Volunteer of the Year, Kentucky Lake Section of the American Chemical Society. http://www.acs.org/
2015 Kelly Pneumatic Iron Process- American Chemical Society-National Historic Chemical Landmark
     –NHCL – LEAD. http://www.acs.org/content/acs/en/education/whatischemistry/landmarks/kelly-iron.html
2014 Global Innovation Grant, American Chemical Society
2013 Scientific and Technological Achievement Awards, The United States Environmental Protection Agency
     (US EPA)- Honorable Mention.
2013 Max Carman Outstanding teacher Award
2012 Karl Hussung Chemistry Professorship
2012 University Distinguished Mentor
2011 The United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA)’s Scientific and Technological Achievement
      Awards - Honorable Mentions.
2007-2011 Highly Cited Author
2010 Sandra Flynn Professor of the Year
2010 MSU Service Learning Mentor of the Year
2010 MSU Presidential Research Fellow
2007 MSU Distinguished Researcher
1999 ACS Best Paper Award
1997 Outstanding Environmental Researcher-Discretionary Award, Great Lakes Laboratory, SUNY, Buffalo, NY.