DEPARTMENT: Journalism and Mass Communications

COURSE NUMBER: 690                                                       CREDIT HOURS: 3


I.        Title


Comprehensive Project in Mass Communications


II.     Catalog            description

Capstone experience for the MA or MS degree; an individual independent research, creative, or professional project, designed by the student under the direction of the graduate coordinator and one other JMC faculty member. Proposal must be submitted to and approved by the graduate coordinator by October 15 for spring enrollment, March 15 for summer or fall enrollment. Prerequisites: Completion of 21 hours in the program, including JMC 630 and JMC 660.


III.        Purpose

To demonstrate practical knowledge of core subjects in mass communications.


IV.      Course objectives

To design and complete a comprehensive and professional project in mass communications research, or in a major discipline of mass communications.


V.          Content 


Proposal review and approval
Click here for proposal guidelines.


Basic research and project plan

Draft and approval

Presentation to faculty

Final project and approval


VI.        Instructional activities

This is a directed independent study. Instructional activities may include database and library research, field studies, personal interviews, tutorials, production of professional media content, and presentations. Proposals involving living human subjects may require approval from the Institutional Review Board.


VII.            Field and clinical experiences


May be required if they are part of the project proposal and design.


VIII.       Resources

Resources employed will include holdings at the MSU and correspondent libraries, a variety of on-line sources, and the technical facilities of the department.


IX  Grading Procedures


Grading is by agreement of the two JMC graduate faculty who evaluate the project. Exceptional projects receive a grade of A. Acceptable projects receive a grade of B. Projects with a grade of C are Below Standards; with a D, Unacceptable; and with an E, Failing.


X.      Attendance                  policy


Attendance is required at all scheduled meetings with the graduate coordinator and other JMC faculty. For details of this policy, see the current issue of the Graduate Bulletin.


XI.          Academic

       Honesty policy

Academic dishonesty will not be tolerated.  In accordance with the Academic Integrity policy of Murray State University, the normal penalty for plagiarism or cheating of any kind will be automatic failure of the course and possible dismissal from the program and the university. For details of this policy, see the current issue of the Graduate Bulletin.


XII.   Text and references

Text and reference materials will be determined by the student in consultation with the faculty members who will review the project.


XIII.     Prerequisites

Completion of 21 hours in the program, including JMC 630 and JMC 660.