DEPARTMENT: Journalism and Mass Communications

COURSE NUMBER: 660                                                                      CREDIT HOURS: 3


        I.            Title

Methods of Communication Research


      II.            Catalog            description

The research process in mass communications, 

including survey and archival, is studied.  Students will

become familiar with the philosophy and techniques of

social science research, data collection methods,

sampling procedures, and statistical analysis. 

Students will also write a research proposal. Prerequisite:

Graduate standing.


    III.            Purpose

The purpose of JMC 660 is to acquaint the student with introductory awareness of techniques of data collection and analysis used in systematic investigation of mass communications

relationships. The emphasis will be on archival(library),

descriptive and scientific research.


   IV.            Course objectives

By acquainting the student with the basic procedures of the

scientific method, the student will gain an appreciation of its

techniques and an understanding of how to conduct studies

and analyze basic mass communication phenomena.


     V.            Content outline

Methods of Knowing, Reliability and Validity, Archival

Research, Sampling, Survey Research, Field Research,

Content Analysis, Longitudinal Research, SPSS,

Statistics, Research in the Print and Electronic

Media, Research in Public Relations and Advertising.   


   VI.            Instructional activities

Lecture, Discussion, Readings.




 VII.            Field and clinical experiences




VIII.            Resources

Handouts, Overheads, Text, PC Statistical Package


  1. Grading


There will be two exams in the course, a midterm and a final, each worth approximately 90 points. They will be non-

comprehensive, definitional and short answer in form,

and will be based on the assigned reading material and

lecture material. In addition there will be a project worth

30 points.


     X.            Attendance policy


Attendance is required. For details of this policy, see the current issue of the Graduate Bulletin.


   XI.            Academic honesty


Academic dishonesty will not be tolerated.  In accordance with the Academic Integrity policy of Murray State University, the normal penalty for plagiarism or cheating of any kind will be automatic failure of the course and possible dismissal from the program and the university. For details of this policy, see the current issue of the Graduate Bulletin.


 XII.            Text and references

Wimmer and Dominick, Mass Media Research, 7th ed., 2003.


XIII.            Prerequisites

Graduate standing.