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African Knowledge Systems African Slave Kingdoms Cultures of Africa-COCC
Kings of Dahomey Mansa Musa

Alternative Scholarship
Astounding Ancients Ancient Climate and Catastrophe Immanuel Velikovsky Archive
Centuries of Darkness Reconsidering Ancient chronology Creation/Evolution Controversy
TekLine Publishing Early Crossings In Plain Sight
Pre-Columbian Culture Links Why Graham Hancock is Wrong

ABC-Clio Progressive Era American WWI Propaganda Posters
American Native Peoples Turn of the Centry Popular Culture Postage Stamps and History
 Mystic Seaport Rockfeller & Standard Oil 60s-website collection
Maritime History History of J.P. Morgan  JFK Assaassination
Washington D.C. and the Bay Thomas A.  Edison Vietnam War Links
PBS-The Gold Rush America History & Life-U. of Pitts Nixon-American Experience
American Civil War Women in American History Watergate
Libr of Congress Civil War Photos Labor Support Manuel
Afroamerica History Matters-Teacher Resources Commodore Matthew Perry
American Steam Engines Archive of American Architecture The WPA Film Archive
Timeline of 20th Cent US history Cold War--CNN Special The History Place
Witchcraft in America and Europe Judge--Political Cartoons Massacre at Mylai
Woodstock Woodstock  Constitution Society
American Women's History Guide

Prehistory Images from Greek Mythology Perseus Project-Tufts University
Stone Age Reference Collection Akhenaten's World Oriental Research---U.of Chicago
Mediterranean Prehistory Ancient Art and Architecture Roman Colosseum
Prehistoric Aegean Archaeology Argos--Ancient and Medieval Sites Ancient Greece-ThinkQuest
Aegean Bronze Age Temple University Classic Page U of Birmingham--Ancient near east
Mycenae Bronze Age Egyptian-Hittite Hostilities Ancient Roman Technology
Mediterranean Archaeology  Ancient Civilization Links The Roman Empire.Net
Mesopotamian Empires  Egypt by Period and  Dynasty Ancient Greek Ships
Mesopotamian Bronze Age Pharaonic Egypt Ancient History/ Mythology
Gilgamesh Epic U. of Chicago--Oriental Institute Bible History on Line
Phoencia Home Page Hittite King Virtual Museum of  Egypt
Greek Coins Hittite Gods Mesopotamia and Anatolia
Royal Tombs of Ur Hattusas--Hittite Capital Women in the Ancient World
Thera (Santorini) Volcanic Eruption Akkadian-Hittite Treaty Chalcolithic Period

Art History Resources-Witcombe African-Oceanic/New World Art WWI Art
Ottoman Miniatures Jose Guadalupe Posada WWII Poster Art
European Medieval War Art Diego Rivera Galley US History Photo Gallery
Persian Art Chinese Calligraphy Smithsonian Photographic Collect
19th Century Prints Vaniety Fair Prints Bob Speel--19th London Arts
McGraw-Hill-Art Resources Adams-Art Across Time Andrade-World Lit & Art on line
Mesopotamian Art Islamic Art Coconino C.C. Art History
Artwind-Chinese painting Art History Slides Ancient Art--Detriot Instit
African Art AMAM African Art Benin Art--Africa
Guggenheim African Art Intro to Asian Art Scaffold: Architectural Project
Metropolitan Museum of Art Chinese Arts Asian Arts
Bauer Art Aspects of Chinese Art Viewseum
Tokugawa Art Museum Gardner's Art Through the Ages Japanese Prints
World Art treasures--Berger Found Early Medieval Art Medieval Architecture in France
Leonardo de Vinci Drawings 19th Century Political Cartoons

Complete History of China Harbrace-Feudal Japan Indian History
Asian Studies Virtual Library Tombs of the Ming Dynasty HistoryofIndia.com
John King Fairback Vitual Library Afghanistan  Art Treasures Mahatma Gandh
Classical Chinese Furniture Design Chinese Dissidents Chinese Studies -D Bell 
Qin Emperor Burial-Terracotta  Historical Basis of Cinese Culture Perspective on Chinese Culture
Beautiful China Chinese Buddhist Cave  Art Genghis Khan
Tale of Genji Tale of Genji2 Worchester Art Museum
Silk Road Sites UCLA East Asian Studies  China's World Heretage Sites

Costume History
Costume Society of America Costume Society of Great Britain World Costume

Chronology of Money Dead Sociologist Index Hayek Archives
Karl Marx. Capital, volume 1 Old World Traditional Trade Routes Postmodern Sociologists
Houman Shadab on Capitalism Economics of Networks History of Economic Thought
G. Davies, History of Money Medieval-E.M. intellectual history Political Thought
Class, Identity, Gender--Theory.org Economist Jokes Latin American Economic History
Internet Economic Resources  Economists & Economic Thought Micheloud Monetary History
Post Colonial Studies-Emory U. Census Data Browser The Euro
Conversations with History Waves in World Economy Sociology History Page
Brad DeLong Computers: History and Develop

Encyclopedias & Reference Works
Britannica.com Encyclopedias on the Web  Encyberpedia
Specialized Encyclopedias Encyclopedia of Orient Canadian Encyclopedia
Household Cyclopedia of 1881 Encyclopedia of Philosophy Musical Instruments
Nupedia--Peer Review Spartacus Encyclopedia Stanford Encycloped of Philosophy
Encyclopedia of WWI Encyclopedia Mythica Grove Dictionary of Art
Spark Notes Encyclopedia of Roman Emperors Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
History of Math & Mathematicians Math in World Civilizations Biographical Dictionary
Bulfinch's Mythology Hutchinson Family Encyclopedia Encyclopedia of Ships

Europe (Medieval)
Halsall's Medieval History Course Annenberg-Middle Ages Medieval  Stirrup Controversy
Joan of Arc Age of King Charles V--France Medieval World
Joan of Arc 2 Bayeux Tapestry Tres Riches Heures Duc de Berry
Scriptorium Medieval Economics Duc de Berry

Europe (Modern)
Charles I/V Virtual Versailles Louis XIV-Versailles
Timeline of the French Revolution WWI-Shaping the 20th Century WWI-Aircraft
WWI-Photo Archive WWI-Trench Warfare Charles Dickens & his World
Victoria and Her Age Victorian Web Einstein Online
James Watt European Voyages of Exploration Fifteenth-Century Navigation
Renaissance-reformation Primary Historical Documents  Russian History
Miguel de Unamuno Spanish Civil War European Enlightenment
Christianity and Culture

Film and History
Film as History-History as Fim History in Film.com Teach With Movies
Film History Research Guide Media History Films by Decade
Berkeley Film History Resource  Buckey's Film History/Conservation Robert E. Yahnke-Cinema History
Vassar Film Resources Reel History--David  Hart The History Channel
 Oliver Stone Film Page  MaGraw-Hill-Film Resources

Delhi Sultanate Indoeuropean Data Base Kushan Empire
Trade in metal/ Indian Bronze Age  Vedic India Ancient Indus Valley
Myth of  Ayran Invasion of India

Latin America
Anthropologis e Historia de Mexico Aztec Manuscripts Ejército Zapatista Liberación  Naci
Holy Cross Reseach Resources Iber Mundo Insti de investigaci Historicas
Latin American Alliance Latin American Environmental Hist LA Reference Desk-UT
Mexico Reference Desk-UT Nahuatl Home Page Overview of Latin American History
Porfiriato Pre-Columbian Archaeology  Links Society for Latin American Stdies
Spanish-American War Sites Teotihuacan Zapatistas in Cyberspace
Latin American Drug War Links Colonial Latin America Maya Anthropology Site (Spanish)
Revolutionary Armed Forces Colom Latin American Periodicals El Salvador Timeline--Beth Eschwal
Meso-Amer/Andean Civilizations Mexico--Paul Rich Research Day of the Dead
Andean Mountain Ecology Prescott, Conquest of Mexico AHA Teaching--Conquest Mexico

Historical Atlas of the 20th Cent Historical Map Web Sites Library of Congress Maps
Map Locator OSSHE Historical & Cultural Atlas Terraserver.com
US National Atlas World Atlas of Archaeology World Population Maps
Jingban tianwen quan Chinese Map Outline Maps Home Page Odden's World Maps
Historical Geography Special Group Maps of India Sumerian Neolithic Sites

Middle East
Center for Middle Eastern Studies-UT Jewish History Resource Center Encyclopedia of Orient
 Oriental Institute Museum Encyclopedia of the Ottoman Empire The Shah and the Ayatollah
University of Haifa Dead Sea Scroll Trans-Saharan Trade
Mosgues Islamic Art and Architecture Muslim Scientists and Math
Siddique's Islamic Art Ottoman Empire Ottoman Minitures
Qajar (Kadjar) era--Iran Aron Rodrigue--Ottoman Empire

Music and Theater
Impact of 60s RocknRoll InkBlot Magazime Mozart Project
Music Links Rockument--Ultimate 60s Website Woodstock and Rock
McGraw Hill--Theater Resources MaGraw Hill-Music Resources

Amer-Arab Anti-Discrimination Council for British Archaeology Foreign Military Studies
History Cooperative Library of Congress Non-Governmental Orgs
Schools for Chiapas Simon Wiesenthal Center Stratfor.com
US State Dept--Historian National Archives Nixon Foundation
White House UN Japaese Foreign Ministry
World Trade Organization (WTO) CIA Berkeley Insti  International Studies
Bread and Roses PBS Immigration History Center
Le Monde diplomatique Mariner's Museum Biography.com
East Meets West Foundation F. Fukuyama Homepage Federation of American Scientists
Global Security.org Docuseek.com

Primary Sources [CIV 101]
Project Gutenberg Homer's Illiad Tao Te Ching
Halsall Internet History Source Book Homer's Odyssey Pre-Qin Chinese Texts
Archive of Texts/Documents Aeschylus, Agamemnon Li Po's Poetry
441 Classical Texts from MIT Plato's Republic Bhagavad Gita
World at your Fingertips Plato's Dialogues Bible versions + concordance
WSU World Civ Readers Sappho's Poetry Koran
Berkeley Med & Classical Library Plutarch's Lives Machiavelli Online
Classical Mythology St. Augustine-Complete Works Christine de Pizan
World History Archives Beowulf Margery Kempe
Languages & Writing Systems Song of Roland Dante, Divine Comedy
World Literature-Sanderson Beck Chaucer, Canterbury Tales Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
English Renaissance Lyrics MaGraw Hill--Humanities Resources Hanson's Ancient Documents
Christian Classic texts

Primary Sources/Texts [CIV 102]
Project Gutenberg Complete Works of  Shakespeare  Declaration of Independence
Halsall Internet History Source Book C. Marlowe, Doctor Faustus Complete Works of Milton
World at your Fingertips Voltaire, Candide Amistad Documents Collection
Online Global Problems Reader Adam Smith, Wealth of Nations Marx/Engels, Communist Manifesto
WSU World Civ Readers Hobbes,Leviathan Princess Julia Grant -Rus Rev
World History Archives John Locke-Major Works Versailles Treaty
CUNY Civ 102 Reader Rousseau Complete Works J. Swift, Gulliver's Travels
World Literature-Sanderson Beck A. Pope, Selected Poetry/Prose Marx to Mao
Electronic Documents on the Web D. Bell--bases of social power Primary Historical Documents Eur
MaGraw Hill--Humanities Resources Christian Classic texts Castiglione: The Courtier
T. Malthus-Essay on Population JS Mill--Writings Chinua Achebe
G. Landow-Culture Webs:Brown U.

Web Guides
About Education Ancient World Web Art and Architecture on the Web
Humanities Internet Links NPR-Big Chalk.Com Moreover.com
Scholars' Guide to WWW Vietnam War Resource Guide EducationPlanet.com
UNY at Buffalo-World Civ Links Science, Technology, & Culture on-line N. Am Newspapers
Sociology History Page MaGraw Hill Museum  Humanities Andrade-World Lit & Art on line

World Civilizations-WSU CUNY World Civ Web Resources Info-Booth-History (master guide)
Camelot World History Sites Hyperhistory Timeline Images from World History
MSU World Civilization  Resources World History Archives World History Center-NeU
World Lecture Hall-UT Information Please Non-Western History
Journal of World Systems Research World-System Evolution Passport to World Hisotry
The History Net World Fact Book--CIA Clocks/Calendars Early Modern 
Mabry's Historical Text Archive Geohistory.com Clocks and Time Keeping
BIG HISTORY--Inst for Interdisc   Inventors and Inventions Sailing Ships Archive
History for Kids Global Access to Ed. Sources Fernand Braudel Center
History Link 101 Andrade-World Lit & Art on line History Ranch
History of Writing Washburn U.World History Reso Cities in World History
PBS Empires of the World Global Studies Freedom Heroes
OBrien--World History Sites Shaping of the Modern World People of History--Bios
GW University News Center Terrorism Web Links