Guidelines for Projects, Papers, and Critiques
Guidelines will be strictly observed and followed

Projects & Special Assignments
Guidelines for projects and special assignments
- Projects are assigned on first-come basis.
- Projects must meet the instructor's criteria and requirements.
- Projects must be completed by the due date set by the instructor.
 Papers & Critiques
Guidelines for term-papers and critiques
- Folders and binders are NOT accepted.
- A cover page must be included.
- Papers and critiques must be typed and professionally presented.
- Must have an abstract if applicable.
- Must have a table of contents if applicable.
- Title of paper or article critiqued must be typed on top of the first page.
- Pages must be numbered.
- References must be properly cited by author/s.
- Foot-notes are not accepted or allowed.
- Papers must have NO LESS than FIVE references.
- Article/s selected for the critique must have an AUTHOR and
  at least ONE reference.
- Copied materials in papers/critiques must be included as appendices.
- Papers must be at least TEN pages in written text.
- Critiques must be at least SIX pages in written text.
- Papers and critiques must be DOUBLE SPACED unless it is a
  direct quotation.
- Papers and critiques must be stapled neatly at the top left corner.
- Papers and critiques must be submitted by the due date set by
  the instructor.