AIHAThe Essential Source
Chapter's Goals and Objectives
- To increase the number of memberships by 100%
- To increase the student's participation and contribution to the Chapter
  and other fellow students
- To promote academic excellence among members and non-members
- To create tutorial services for those who may need them
- To encourage study groups and academic support among students
- To encourage students to use our open-hours laboratories for more
  hands-on learning experience
- To have at least 4 speakers per year to address industrial hygiene topics
  and issues of  interest to students
- To restore and maintain our scholarship program and to offer at least one
  scholarship award during the spring semester
- To create a chapter's homepage and to actively contribute to its updates
  and continuity
- To promote engagement in national conferences such as the AIHCE
- To promote departmental activities and to provide assistance and service
  to the community
- To take charge and become more involved in campus interests and
  reciprocate when needed
- To raise funds to ensure continuity of the Chapter