AIHAThe Essential Source
About MSU'S AIHA Student Chapter
Officers selection
- Elections by chapter's existing members
The importance of membership
- Professional recognition
- Newsletter and other publications
- Direct access to textbooks at reduced prices
- First-hand knowledge of available jobs locally & nationally
- Chapter's scholarship
- Attending the AIHCE at no registration fees and subsidized expenses
- Graduate school and placement recommendations
To be considered for local chapter membership, undergraduates must be in
good academic standing with a minimum GPA of 2.7 and graduates with a
minimum GPA of 3.00
- ASSE is NOT a substitution to AIHA
Dues: Apply to all students
- National: $30.00 per year
- Student Local Chapter: $15.00 per term
- Subscription to the AIHA journal is $35.00
Meetings attendance policy
- All members are expected to make all MSU Chapter's meetings
- Three missed meetings will result in termination of member
Contributions to the chapter
- Innovative ideas to raise funds
- Suggestions for speakers and topics
- More involvement in the department's activities & community
- Peer motivation
Academic activities
- Academic excellence
- Volunteering tutors